Welcome to the Northeast Bank Financial Education Center!

Navigating your finances can be challenging, and we are committed to providing you with resources to help manage your financial future. We are thrilled to offer a free online, self-paced series of interactive modules that cover key financial concepts such as saving, investing, credit scores, mortgages and identity protection.

These short, interactive learning experiences were specifically designed for your busy lifestyle. The program is mobile and tablet accessible, available in both English and Spanish, and each module is only 10-12 minutes in length.

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  • Overdraft : learn the causes of overdraft, common overdraft coverage, and protection options available, and important consumer choices related to utilizing these types of services
  • Credit Scores & Reports : increase your knowledge on credit scores, including why they are important, how they are calculated, and how people can exercise good habits to protect or improve their credit scores
  • Identity Protection : learn how to avoid consumer fraud and identity theft and how to protect oneself from becoming a victim of these crimes
  • Savings & Investments : learn how to choose the best account type based on one's needs, and the benefits of saving for the long-term
  • Mortgages: evaluate the pros and cons of homeownership, including the steps to take when securing a loan
  • Payment Types & Credit Cards : learn the difference between debit, credit and charge cards and the strategies for choosing a credit card and using it responsibly
  • Insurance & Taxes : acquire a better understanding of different insurance policies, types of taxes and tax forms
  • Financing Higher Education : provides information on the various ways that individuals can fund higher education (e.g., via tax incentives and tax credits) and the steps to take when applying for federal aid