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K&K Metal Recycling

"Northeast Bank not only provides quality banking services, but also has a genuine commitment to building relationships with local businesses. This means that Northeast Bank actually learns your business and what is important to it, and can recommend the best solutions to meet your needs. We would absolutely recommend Northeast Bank to anyone, without hesitation."

- Linda Hull, CFO

Klesk Metal Stamping

How is Northeast Bank aligned with the values that drive your business?

"Honesty, hard work, and customer service. Picking up the phone and calling your customer rather than a letter or email. Actually talking with a person is very comforting to a customer. Showing them that you care."

Love to Grow On

"I have worked in the community and economic development field in the Twin Cities for over 35 years. At the time I started in the early 1980s, I think Northeast Bank had only its one location on Broadway in NE Minneapolis. Even then, it had a reputation throughout Minneapolis and Saint Paul of being a great community lender for small businesses. My current employer is Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers (MCCD), which has worked with and participated with Northeast Bank on several small business projects thro..."

- Mara O'Neill

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