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Business Insights

Keep your business finances in check with Northeast Bank's Business Insights

As a busy business owner, you are juggling many different responsibilities. We understand how hard it can be for business owners to keep track of their company’s performance and keep track of future plans.  We’re investing in new capabilities to alleviate these pressures including the new Business Insights feature integrated into My Northeast Bank. Get access to cash flow forecasting, digital insights, and competitive bench-marking insights tailored to your business.
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Business Insights within My Northeast Bank provides seamless integration with your accounting platform.*

You are now able to:

  • Receive automated cashflow forecasting to see how your business’s performance is trending in the future
  • See how business events will impact your future cashflows
  • Receive key alerts and recommendations
  • Compare your performance against other competitors

Getting Started is Easy! Just contact your Northeast Banker if you are interested in trying Business Insights.

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 Business Insights Features:

Business INsights Overview

Cashflow Forecasting

Financial reporting tools don’t always give a full picture of your finances and rarely offer forward-looking forecasts.

With Business Insights, you will be able to see:

- A summary view of cash position across accounts
- Your historical and future cashflow projection
- Identify potential cashflow needs on the horizon
- Key performance metrics trends

Business Insights - variety of insights

Tailored Business Insights

You’ll be able to stay on top of your business with tailored insights, including:

- Financial insights
- Alerts to improve performance
- Awareness of changes in performance

- Recommended actions to mitigate issues

Business Insights Segments

Event Planning

It can be hard to keep track of planned events or to understand the impacts of different scenarios you are considering.

With Event Planning, you’ll be able to:

- Easily track potential new revenues and expenses on the horizon
- Understand their implications on future cashflows
- Improve decision making on when to time investments








Business Insights Ratios, insights, and margins

Competitive Benchmarking

Business owners don’t always know how their company’s performance stacks up vs. similar peers.  You’ll be able to use the new competitive benchmarking feature to:

- Compare financial performance vs a peer group with similar geography, revenue size, and number of employees
- Gain context for what "good" looks like
- Obtain guidance for where owners can differentiate competitively or need to improve

* Current supported accounting systems are: Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Xero, and FreshBooks.