Getting Started - Online & Mobile Banking

Getting Started


To enroll in My Northeast Bank, complete the following steps on either a mobile device or computer:

  1. Download the My Northeast Bank Mobile app on your phone/tablet (Apple App Store / Google Play Store) OR visit and select Log In and Enroll Now.
  2. Enter the information requested on the Enroll screen, and then select Next.
    screenshot of enrollment
  3. Enter the verification code, and then select Verify. Please see Two-factor authentication (2FA) section for additional information about setting up 2FA.
  4. Read the user agreement, and then select Accept.
  5. Create a username and password by entering information in the Username and Password fields, and then select Next.
    NOTE: To see the username and password rules select Show rules for either.
  6. The Dashboard screen for My Northeast Bank online banking appears. My Northeast Bank Mobile app users will be prompted to setup a passcode and biometric login.